Blackwork Embroidery

so I thought that I would write a post about blackwork embroidery as it is beautiful and intricate. I’ve always loved the embroidery around the collar and cuffs of 16th century men’s period shirts.

shirt - 1540.jpg

1540 shirt Victoria & Albert Museum collections

This Shirt is made from linen with silk then has been embroidered with blue silk. The shirt was as underwear until the mid 20th century but details such as the cuff and collar were often embellished – such as this example.


Cuff details – 1540 shirt Victoria & Albert Museum Collections

The main body of this shirt is made from two panels, similar to my 18th century shirt that I made in one of my earlier posts although my shirt has a frill down the centre of the shirt.

I decided to have a go at blackwork embroidery.Below is an example of my embroidery sample, I am really pleased with the outcome of the sample as as I like the combination of two different patterns – one as a border to the other design.


Blackwork embroidery sample


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