Hair styling/ Wigs

img_3241So, at  university this week we had a introduction on wig making! Lets say that it makes you appreciate, how much time and care is put into every wig.

The image on the left shows the hair of a model in pin curls, this is so that the hair is as flat as possible to the head for the wig cap.

Then the whole head of hair was pin curled, the very bottom section nearest the nape of the neck was just wrapped around the head. Once the hair was all pinned up the wig net was stretched over the head and falls just above hair line. Then cling film was placed over the head (tightly) and then secured with sellotape  then I was able to draw around her hair line. Then I removed the mould from her head. This mould would then be used for a wig maker to use to start to make the wig for the client.


img_3248IMG_3249.JPG These images show the development of the hair weave with a latch hook needle. I really enjoyed learning a new skill. Each hair strand was added one by one to the fabric mesh.

This image shows one of the wigs that was shown to the class. I attached the wig to the head mould by catching the mesh with pinning the tape around the forehead and under the hair.  I loved learning about a different aspect of costume, as it helps complete a look!



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