Dressed for Drama

Today, I went to Dressed for Drama at Worchester Cathedral, it was such a beautiful Cathedral and perfect place for an exhibition!

For me what made this exhibition of period costume from British television and film was that you were able to get up close to the costumes and see all the detail.

So one of the first costumes that caught my eye was The costume below, worn by The Scandalous Lady W from the period costume drama. This costume was recreated from the portrait of the real Lady Worsley by Joshua Reynolds, circa 1775/1776. For me what I love about this costume is how striking and empowering Lady Worsley’s ridding habit is. It has an  red wooden military style tailored jacket with navy turned down collar and around the curve on the front with silver trimming detail strips that is repeated on the cuffs. The Masculine style had been a long time feature of the female riding habit and had been inspired by men’s coats. Under the jacket is a cream waistcoat silver buttons fastening the left side over the right. She would also have worn a cravat around the neck, the costume is finished off with matching wool red skirt.

I’ve chosen to mention another outfit from the same period drama, this is because although they do have similar  qualities at the same time they both have a different social purpose.

So this costume was also worn by Natalie Dormer (as Lady Worsley). Dark green and pale green striped overdress is made of silk with an attached dark green moiré waistcoat over a dark green striped shirt. The outfit would have been worn with a hip roll to create the desired look. Moiré is a fabric with a wavy (watered) appearance. The hat is made from felt and is embellished with ostrich feathers with a silver  buckle on a grey ribbon bow.

There’s so many costumes from this exhibition that I could talk about, so another post is definitely needed to fit a at least a few more in! hope you’ve enjoyed a little insight to this wonderful exhibition.


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