Dressed for Drama part 2

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This stunning suit is worn by Bathsheba (Far From The Madding Crowd) when she returns. The raised wool appliqué  pattern down the front and back of the jacket adds such beauty and elegance to the garment. The pattern is like curled  branches with small leave shapes off then and rounded circles. The fitted boned jacket is made from a grey and silk taffeta.

IMG_8629The jacket is fastened by silver ball buttons down the centre. The gown would have been worn with a corset underneath and several layers of petticoats for warmth as well as cleanliness.

The image below shows the detail on the skirt.


The Danish girl

when I saw this film in the cinema, the costumes were just wonderful – the film was truly moving film about two Danish artists Lili Elbe and Gerda Wegener. And Lili’s groundbreaking journey as a transgender pioneer. Eddie Redmayne plays the role with great sensitivity and you really feel like you follow Lili’s journey.

IMG_8706This outfit caught my attention, in particular due to the beauty around the velvet collar on the cloak; it’s absolutely stunning. It appears to be gathering but I just love how the light hits the patterns.

The ball gown that Gerda wears is constructed from ombre blue metallic silk gauze with vintage silver braid on the bodice. The under blouse is of a pale blue silk muslin charden. With beaded edges.


I love how the the cloak compliments the delicateness of the ball gown. Something which is quite substantial against such a light ball gown. The blue gradient in the dress reminds me of water and almost sea ripples.

2702A30A00000578-3012725-The_great_Dane_Eddie_Redmayne_was_seen_on_the_set_of_his_upcomin-a-1_1427380558076Eddie Redmyne as Lili



Lili’s day dress is of a deep blue lawn cotton with cream embroidered front bodice panel. The dress reminds me of a kimono jacket with the band on the waist. The dress has white delicate lace cuffs. The coat is made using light grey wool with a darker shade of grey and brown patterned velvet collar and cuffs. To further compliment the outfit it has been styled with a blue felt hat with feather pompom detail; a thin band of felt around the head with a wiggly piece of braiding.


Thank you for reading

Lilly  x


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