Floral stencil printed 18th century style day dress

For my final project for alevel textiles we were given themes to look at and develop; I chose to look at the 18th century womens dresses. Since Childhood I have always loved 18th century fashion;  there is such beauty in the talioring of the dresses and detail combined with the luxerious silks and satin. Despite this period of time being very inhibiting for women as they were considered to be mans property in marriage.

For my final exam I had 12 hours to work on my costume, I hand printed my costume before the exam so that it was dry and ready to construct in the exam. The flower stencil print was inspired from a photo that I took of a Camiella flower in my garden and then I made a stencil on acetate to use for the dress. The dress has a gathered waistline to draw the waist in of the lady. Also, the dress is fastened down the centre back of the bodice to hip.

The photos underneath show the costume being modelled by young lady. The scenery compliments the costume and creates wonderful and historic impression; 18th century house. I am really pleased with the outcome of the costume and really like the cut and construction of the dress combined with the detail of the printed pattern.



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