First Stage work experience placement at the Royal Opera House

Since finishing my college projects, I have undertaken a Ten day work experience placement at The Royal Opera House in the Women’s Workroom costume production, the experience was incredible!

During my placement I constructed a Ballet basque for the Royal Ballet, also made a box pleated 8 inch frill around the the hem of a 18th century skirt bustle for the Opera. I was also able to bring my skills to bear on alterations to opera costumes to suit the body shape and character more; I took up cuffs on waistcoats, skirt lengths and constructed slits down the side of a skirt from mid thigh. During my last days there I worked on my own project and made a boned black satin ballet bodice with minx infill behind the sweet heart bodice with hooks and bars back fastening.

The photos underneath show the costume being modelled by the ballet dancer. I am really pleased with the appearance of the bodice, also it was the first time I have ever boned a costume! I will definetly be using steel bones in the future to add structure to my costumes, also I think the use of the minx infill behind the sweetheart is very effective as on stage the infill will blend in but it gives the dancer support and doesn’t feel like it will come away from the body as if it wasn’t there.

_DSC3556 _DSC3621


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