Ballet costume inspired by the pomegranate

Hello everyone, I’m really excited to show you my finished ballet costume that I’ve made for my unit 3 project before the exam of A2 Textiles!

My starting point for this project has been inspired from the pomegranate fruit. The ruby red pomegranate seeds inside the fruit immediately captivated me. The beautiful shine to every pomegranate seed; how they almost look atmospheric. And the pale pink skin inside the pomegranate ! For this ballet costume I took elements of inspiration from certain aspects of the fruit; like the seeds (bodice) and the inside of the pomegranate (skirt). I have made a ballet costume that is beautiful; highly decorative with free machine embroidery flowers (watersoluble fabric) around the top of the bodice;  decorative fabric dye pattern and delicate free machine embroidery strapes with bows and flowers connected together by leaves (backed on nude elastic). Clear beads sprinkled over the bodice; bodice fastened down the centre of the bacck by hooks and eyes. The costume is finished off with a delicate multilayered tulle skirt with pink under layers.

I love to look back at my costume now that it is finished and admire the beautiful work that has goon into the ballet costume and it fits the model perfectly!

The photos underneath show the costume being modelled by the ballet dancer. The reflections from the chandelier lamp shade compliment the costume and creates wonderful and magical images almost acts like fairy dust behind her!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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